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Our Team

Staff of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee consists of mainly lawyers and attorneys who work for:
  • maintaining the rule of law in Hungary,
  • avoiding inhuman living conditions for detainees,
  • securing adequate living conditions in refugee camps,
  • refugees’ finding a home,
  • the reunification of families
  • setting clear boundaries of power.
In addition to our staff, numerous volunteers, interns and experts help us in reaching our goals. Thank you for helping our team for decades. Come and meet the members of our team!


András Kádár

Co-chair and attorney-at-law

Márta Pardavi



András Alföldi

Legal officer, Refugee Programme

Anikó Bakonyi

Advocacy and project officer, Refugee Programme

Zita Barcza-Szabó

Legal officer, Refugee Programme

Anikó Gál

Financial coordinator

Gruša Matevžič

Legal officer, Refugee Programme

Tamás Fazekas


Gábor Győző


Gábor Gyulai

Refugee programme director

Dániel G. Szabó

Legal officer, Law Enforcement Programme

Anna Ibos

Programme assistant

Borbála Ivány


Eszter Kirs PhD

Legal officer, Law Enforcement Programme

András Léderer

Information and advocacy officer, Refugee Programme

Zsófia Moldova

Project coordinator, Law Enforcement Programme

Dóra Németh

Programme assistant

Nóra Novoszádek

Legal officer, Law Enforcement Programme

Barbara Pohárnok


Rita Sávai

Finance manager

Ágnes Seregély


Tudor Rosu

Project coordinator, Refugee Programme

Zoltán Somogyvári

Legal advisor, Refugee Programme

Zsolt Szekeres

Legal officer, Refugee Programme

Balázs Tóth PhD

Attorney-at-law, head of the Prison Monitoring Programme

Zsolt Zádori

Press officer


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