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On the partial lockdown regulations

  We, at the Hungarian Helsinki Committee believe that the best thing one can do now is to stay home, if possible. We also do so, as we think this is the socially responsible behaviour for the time being. Cooperating with the police and other authorities is always a civic duty of great priority, especially under the given circumstances.

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Assessment of the proposed law to extend the state of emergency and its constitutional preconditions A carte blanche mandate for the Hungarian government with no sunset clause is not the panacea to the emergency caused by the  COVID-19 virus in Hungary. We need strong rule of law safeguards and proportional and necessary emergency measures, not unlimited government rule by decree that can last beyond the actual epidemic crisis.

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Why was an Iranian student deported from Hungary? – video

The authorities expelled an Iranian pharmacist student from Hungary as a result of a politically motivated show trial, even though she did not commit any violation of law. She is one of those Iranian students who had allegedly violated the hospital quarantine rules. We present the story of this young woman referring to her under the fictitious name Simin/Zara.

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