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People often feel vulnerable to law enforcement agencies. The HHC offers help in this inbalanced power relationship: we provide legal advice, legal representation, regularly monitor places of detention as well as make recommendations to improve people’s capacities to enforce their rights when they come into contact with the police and the prison service. Through our activities, closed institutions become more transparent and citizens’ vulnerability decreases.

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a unique process which involves the review of the human rights record of all 192 UN Member States once every four years. It was created through the UN General Assembly in 2006. In this review process the UN pays special attention to the information submitted by non-governmental organizations.

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In 2006 the police restricted access  to the square in front of the Parliament of  Hungary, thus, for a while it was not possible to demonstrate on the square. The Hungarian Helsinki Comittee has claimed that the restriction was unlawful.  In its decision dated 11 November 2010 the Metropolitan Court ruled in favour of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. The court stated that the police was not able to give reasons for upholding the restriction.

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The UN Human Rights Committee on its 100th session assessed Hungary’s implementation  of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The Hungarian Helsinki Committee helped the Committee’s work by preparing two shadow reports.

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The Hungarian Helsinki Committee reviewed the planned amendments to the Police Act. In its opinion it criticizes among others the regulations dealing with the establishment of service, points out the under-regulated fields, and makes recommendations in order to improve the efficiency of the investigation of complaints against police action.

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