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TAX NUMBER: 19013983-1-42

The project, which is carried out with the inputs of an expert from the US, aims to foster the new generation of Hungarian youth activists and to promote the culture of peaceful dialogue among Hungarian youth. The target group is youth aged between 18 and 24, primarily from North-East Hungary.

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Within the framework of our EU project called ‘suspects in restrains – the importance of appearance: how suspects and accused persons are presented in the courtroom, in public and in the media (SIR)’, we carried out a research on how and to which extant the restraining measures, especially the use of handcuffs, can violate the presumption of innocence.

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The ProCam project funded by the European Commission’s Justice Programme is a multijurisdictional project on audiovisual recording of police interrogations of suspects, including minors and vulnerable persons. The overall objective of this multi-jurisdictional research is to assess whether audiovisual recording constitutes a simple and practical measure that can help create more transparency and accountability in pre-trial proceedings.

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The transnational project coordinated by the Vienna based Ludwig Boltzmann Institute aims at contributing to the development of the practice of 22 European National Preventive Mechanisms (which is the ombudsman in Hungary), enhancing experience exchange among these institutions and facilitating harmonization of detention standards in the European Union.

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