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The general prohibition of residing on public premises for habitation was placed on constitutional level after the amendment of the Fundamental Law in 2018. The Act on Misdemeanors was also amended in October 2018. After the new law came into effect, homeless people disappeared from Budapest underpasses, and a few  misdemeanor proceedings, starting with demonstrative police confinements were launched countrywide.

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Ten months after the scandal broke concerning the Topház social care institution the Hungarian Data Protection Authority stated: the fact that the civil organization uncovering the horrible conditions took photos and published them anonymised in their report was not unlawful.  Validity Foundation’s actions served the interest of the affected residents.

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For the rule of law and human rights in Hungary – our 25 main achievements in 2016   We gave 832 clients free legal advice about police measures, ill-treatment and their rights in detention.   2800 asylum-seekers received free legal advice about the asylum procedure, their rights in detention and family reunification.

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The Hungarian Helsinki Committee is joining with a coalition of NGOs in asking domestic companies and Hungarian divisions of multinationals to take a stand against racist commentary in Hungary. The NGOs are asking, among others, Vodafone, T-Com, FedEx, IKEA and Procter and Gamble to reconsider advertising in a Hungarian newspaper which published an article talking about Romani people in unacceptably racist and prejudiced language.

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The notary of the village Rimóc (Northern Hungary) noticed that petty offence fines for lack of mandatory accessories for bicycles (ring, headlights, reflector prisms) are almost exclusively imposed on Roma people in the area, although the bicycles used by the non-Roma are not significantly better equipped. He notified the Authority and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC).

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The Budapest Police's decision to ban Budapest Pride 2012 march, citing obstruction of traffic, not only breaches marchers' right to freedom of assembly, but is also severely discriminatory. The Budapest Pride march is scheduled to take place in the summer in downtown Budapest, on a route that is regularly permitted for the use of public rallies and demonstrations — most notably the pro-government Peace March in January 2012.

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The Hungarian Helsinki Committee organized a meeting for the embassies of Austria,  Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, The Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden and the United States. The HHC presented the list of issues and recommendations as well as its shadow report in advance of the Universal Periodic Review.

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