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10 February 2015

Making Alternatives to Detention in Europe a Reality by Exchanges, Advocacy and Learning (September 2013 - February 2015)

This project was coordinated by the Brussels-based Odysseus Academic Network. In the first phase six member states participated in a research analyzing good practices related to alternatives to detention. In the second phase seven other member states elaborated a training module on alternatives and held seminars with a wide range of professionals. Two seminars took place in Hungary in January 2015 with the participation of judges, asylum case workers, prosecutors, police officers and attorneys.

The objectives of the project were to address the knowledge and implementation gap concerning alternatives to detention for asylum seekers in the EU, paying particular attention to vulnerable asylum seekers, to assist Member States in the transposition of the recast Reception Conditions Directive and to enhance the use of alternatives to detention complying with EU and international legal standards.

Partner NGOs were:

Diakonie Fluchtlingsdienst (Austria), Coordination et initiatives pour et avec les Réfugiés et Etrangers (Belgium), Legal clinic for Refugees and Immigrants (Bulgaria), France Terre d’Asile (France), Greek Council for Refugees (Greece), Hungarian Helsinki Committee (Hungary), Centre for Sustainable Society (Lithuania), Jesuit Refugee Service (Malta), Justitia et Pax Nederland (The Netherlands),Slovak Humanitarian Council (Slovakia),Institute for Legal Research, Education and Counselling (iLREC) (Slovenia),Swedish Red Cross (Sweden)Bail for Immigration Detainees  (UK).

The project was funded by the European Union.

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